Have you some day, like Icarus,
dreamed that you could fly ?

It is now possible thanks to the Red Yak. A whole bunch of sensations available…

We propose you to embark our Yak 52 as a passenger for a Discovery flight.

You decide the program : from discovering Spa from above, through a demonstration of the maneuverability  of the airplane to the aerobatics, looping and other sky capers … You set the limit, together with the pilot.

Assembled in the beginning of 2010, the Red Yak 52 is secure and homologated for performing this type of flight in Belgium. She is fitted with a very reliable Vendeneyev M-14P/360 HP motor, the last one of the radial engines produced in the whole World.

Acceleration feelings range from + 7 to – 5 g’s, negative g’s being the harder to sustain. To make it clear and wipe out some set ideas, there is no reason for you to fear of being air-sick, but, for an obvious reason of digestion, we advise you to take a light meal about two hours before the take off.

The flight lasts about 20 minutes and takes place at a safe altitude under the command of very experienced pilots.

RedYak 52 is fitted with mini HD video cameras filming, during the whole flight, the aerobatics from the inside of the cockpit and from the outside of the airplane. Another camera films the aerobatics from the ground and the shots will be edited together on a souvenir DVD available upon request.

That is up to you to embark…. and fly!!!